Codify - mobile and web applications development

App development steps

iOS, Android, WEB and PWA applications development process steps

  • Contract and NDA

    Signing cooperation contract and NDA agreement.

  • Project specification

    Technical specification development. Selecting frontend and backend stacks.

  • App UI development

    Developing UI design and polishing view of components.

  • Frontend logic development

    Programming app components and functions to match specification business logic.

  • Backend and admin panel programming

    Developing backend related business logic functions, database structure and admin panel functions.

  • API services programming

    Developing API services and tokenized authentication policies to match frontend needs.

  • Codify Monitoring App connection

    Syncing project data with our analytics app and providing access credentials

  • App and backend testing

    Automated and manual testing of business logic functions and frontend UI.

  • Backend deployment to production server

    Production server environment configuration and backend code deployment.

  • App deployment to AppStore and PlayMarket

    Deployment your applications to app stores, performing all required checks and tests on store side.

  • Technical support

    Supporting of frontend and backend code base. Security and performance updates.

  • Continues integrity

    Development continues integrity with requested features and logic implementation on apps and backend.


App Design
App Backend