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Elevate Your Project Management with Real-Time Analytics!

You asked and we are listening! Finally we present a brand new project management tool that provides instant insights and performance metrics. We introducing project management solution for real-time project analytics via iOS or Android app.

Your Project Management

Say goodbye to waiting for surprises.
With our app you get live updates on your projects, ensuring you're always in control
Project management iOS application
Mobile app for iOS platform

Full project control on your Apple iPhone (iOS 13+) or Android based smartphone


Effortlessly track performance indicators and metrics to gauge your project'`s success.


Visualize your project's progress on a timeline to anticipate potential issues and bottlenecks.


Spot trends and patterns to make informed decisions and optimize your project strategies.

Take control from everywhere


Access your real-time project insights anytime, anywhere, directly from your smartphone.


Rest easy knowing that your project data is protected with advanced security measures.

Ready to take control of your projects with real-time analytics? Download Codify App now and experience a new era of project management. Say hello to clarity, control, and confidence in your project management journey!

Project management Android application
Mobile app for Android platform

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